Guiding Principles

New Stonemoor Academy, Inc believes that humans are called to take care of the Earth and its resources and to serve others in accordance with our inherent gifts. To these ends, through our commitment to sustainability, we are dedicated to continuously improving our performance.

Environmental Responsibility: Respect for Our Planet

Resource Conservation

We make every effort to reduce our amount of energy consumption. All light bulbs are energy saving, all lights are switched off when not needed, and all computers are switched off or in sleep mode when not in use. We conserve our use of natural resources by avoiding the use of paper when digital alternatives are available, and recycling as much waste material as possible, including equipment that is no longer of use to the company.

Reduction of Environmental Footprint

We avoid unnecessary travel by allowing employees to work from home when possible.

Green Products

Whenever possible we purchase alternative products with a lower environmental impact, such as products made from natural materials instead of plastic, or that are reusable instead of disposable; and our offices are cleaned with environmentally friendly cleaning agents.

Social Responsibility: Respect for People

Fair Treatment of Employees

We treat our employees in a respectful, fair, non-exploitative way, especially with regard to training, open dialogue with management, and work-life balance. We promote diversity and use hiring practices that are fair, responsible, and non-discriminatory for our employees and suppliers.

Fair Dealing with Clients

We treat every person with compassion, kindness, respect, and dignity. We are honest and fair with our clients, respecting their privacy, and providing safe and effective services under the conditions we promise.

Support for Our Community

Our corporate purpose is to provide educational support to local children and their families, but we also use every chance possible to support our local community by utilizing local event venues, classrooms, parks, and meeting spaces.