Homeschool in the Park

Our family loves to spend as much time outside as possible, especially during the lazy summer months when the learning pace is more relaxed. These lesson plans are designed to be done on outdoor excursions, whether to the park, on a camping trip, or in your own backyard. May they inspire you to make all of Creation your classroom!

The Scientific Arts

When animators work on a cartoon, thousands of drawings are needed to create the illusion of motion. In fact, the more drawings that are used, the better the illusion. When too few drawings are used, the animation looks choppy, and you see each individual drawing instead of one fluid motion. When more drawings are used (up to 24 per second), you may not see each individual drawing, but the whole animation looks better as a result.

Our Place in the World

Spend enough time outdoors, and eventually you will see a flock of geese migrating south for the winter. How do they know when it’s time to move, and when they do, how do they know the way to go? This is something that scientists are still working to understand. Some theorize that they use the stars, landmarks, or even the Earth’s magnetic field to help them find their way. Others chalk it up to “instinct,” which is another way of saying that God programmed them to know which way to go.

Science Through History

We are blessed to be living in the Age of Information, in which almost any knowledge we seek seems to be just a click away on the internet. In these times, it can be easy to feel a sense of intellectual superiority over those of generations past, who did not have the benefit of scientific breakthroughs that came only later.

The Science of Language

In a faith that is based on the Word of God, it should come as no surprise that words have power. Words are what God used to create the entire universe; God spoke, and then it was. While our own words may not be as powerful as those of our Creator, they still have the power to lift people up or drag them down, to bring them joy or sorrow, and to speak truth or lies to them.

Math in Creation

When one is looking for evidence of God in the world, it becomes apparent that it is much easier to see Him in some areas than others. We see His handiwork in nature. We see His story in history. But can we also see evidence of God in an area such as math?